Visiting the troop

For those interested in learning more about the troop and who would like to see how the troop operates, we offer the following opportunities:

  • Attend a weekly meeting.
    • Anyone interested in joining the troop is welcome to attend any weekly meeting.  The prospective scout may join in the troop activities and there are typically several adults available who can answer questions about the troop.  If you do plan on attending a meeting and you can notify our membership chair or scoutmaster in advance, then we can arrange for either a committee member or assistant scoutmaster to be present and available to discuss the troop.
    • Wednesday, in late January, 2015, there will be a special troop meeting for Webelos and others who may be interested in joining the troop (get directions and details). Feel free to contact our membership chair or scoutmaster for more details.

    • Saturday, November 15, 2013, the troop will hold its annual Pig Roast at Camp Resolute (directionsmap), we will be at Smokey Pines campsite.  More information is available in our flyer.

      General schedule for the Pig Roast.  Webelos are invited to spend as much or as little of the day with us as they would like, however, the main activities will take place between ~12 noon and 5pm.

      • 12-1:30: Free play with frisbee, football, soccer, etc
      • 1:30-3pm: stations open up (knot tying, axe safety, maybe whittling, donut on a string, tent setup, first aid, etc)
      • 3pm: firestarting competition, using the skills learned at the stations
      • ~3:15pm - the feast!!
      • ~4pm: Trebuchet
      • 4-5 pm: Free play with frisbee, football, soccer, etc
      • 5pm -: campfire, cleanup, movie, etc
If you have questions or would like to talk with some of the adult leaders, feel free to contact our membership chair or scoutmaster